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mwaliko wa wanawake

If you really seek for spiritual truth about your existence and the cause of Life you have come to the right website! The Path is here to help you find answers to complex questions about yourself, our environment and the nature of all existence. Through the Guidance of an Enlightened Master who is here to reveal the Truth to all mankind, you can discover this great Secret. The Path Society is here to help you get the answer to the toughest questions of Life such as: What is Life? What am I? Why am I here? Where shall I go when I die? What is God? And all other questions which for ages have been unable to answer them correctly. As you continue this surfing this website you will gain great benefits on Meditation, Vegetarianism, Yoga, Health and much more for your own being and if you decide to try meditation, we will be there to teach how to meditate. Your journey starts here, so please read carefully about what we are talking about and if you get questions, just contact us. We shall be glad to help you!

The Path Society exists to help Human Beings raise their level of consciousness through the Grace of The Enlightened Spiritual Perfect Master and Meditation.
The Path Society teaches Practical Spirituality by helping you realize (witness) for yourself what you have been told theoretically by books and religious teachers. As of now, you may have heard much about God, Human Existence (Life) but I am sure the books you read and the People who narrated the story to you had no power to reveal to you what they were talking about. All we know is that they promised you that you would know after death!!
Now, The Path is here to reveal this great secret to you through the Grace of The Living Spiritual Perfect Master.
In short, we can say that; it is here to serve as a link between You (The Seeker) and The Spiritual Perfect Master (The Teacher).
For more information, please contact us through our Contact Page.