What is the Path society

The Path is a spiritual organization which was established by seekers of the Truth about 40 years ago when the Living Perfect Master of this time started to teach. Naturally its history follows the history of the Perfect Master as he went out with his mission of enlightening the word of the Truth.

Historically the perfect master comes to the physical plane (The world/Earth) when the level of spiritual awareness in the universe is at its lowest and his coming therefore has the purpose of reversing the cycle and revive that awareness. Hence the Living Perfect Master took birth on Sunday 27th April 1947. This Master was born and grew up in UK and at the age of 28, he realized his enlightenment after 40 days of Meditation on 9th June 1975. He then began teaching and initiating people to the Path of divine light and sound with the ultimate goal being enlightenment.

A brief history of the Path in Tanzania

The Path in Tanzania began with the first seeker who met the Master while studying in the UK in 1980. He shared the information with fellow Tanzanians when he returned and the Path began to spread. To date there are about 34 people who have completed their journey to enlightenment and over 500 seekers who are still pursuing the Path.

Mission of the Path

The Master’s teachings and inspirations that are passed to seekers through teachers who have completed their path and those who have been teaching in the Path as they progress in their spiritual journey, aim to get the seeker to understand himself and how he relates to his environment. Master’s mission is to assist the seeker to grow his consciousness and to awaken form the ignorance of the mind by realizing himself that he is beyond the mind and its abilities and eventually attain to enlightenment. The realization is aimed to answer the following basic questions:

  • Who you are
  • Where were you before you came to earth and where do you go there after
  • What is the purpose of life


Teachings of the Path

The Master teaches the seekers through meditation, where an individual realize from within about himself as he progresses through different level of consciousness. In order to build up on the inner learning seekers and those who have completed their journeys share inspiration and philosophize and various outside knowledge while relating these to inner expansion of awareness that has been attained through meditation.


The Path address and physical location

In order to communicate, teach, philosophize and share inspiration a not for profit organisation was founded and registered in Tanzania. This is what is termed the Path Society in Tanzania.

The physical location of the Path Society in Tanzania is at Chang’ombe Maduka mawili, few metres after the bus station on your left hand side as you head to Temeke. You will see a billboard outside giving details about the Path.

At the Path Society centre we conduct discussions that aim to philosophize as we seek to answer those basic questions of life. Meetings are conducted every Saturday from 1400 hours.

You can also reach us through the following email: thepathtz@rocketmail.com

You can also reach us on the following numbers: