What is self-healing? 


It a type of healing without the external help such as visiting a doctor, or without use of medicines.


NOTHING from outside our bodies has ever truly HEALED anyone. Remedies and many other methods only assist if they act in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

Our mind and body system is designed to HEAL ITSELF and MAINTAIN HEALTH. All we need to do is to remove obstacles from the body and from the mind (negative thoughts may weaken the system, may allow foreingn organisms when enters the body to grow and bring diseases).

If you cut your finger with a sharp object, the wound HEALS ITSELF and if the damage is not extensive, the repair job is perfect, that after a few weeks you cannot even remember which finger was hurt. Even the fingerprints are reconstructed. This is because the body has its own memory on how things run and how they should be.


Of course self-healing is not limited to scratches and bruises. Exactly the same self-healing processes occur ALL THE TIME in ALL organs of the body.

When we abuse our body, it tries to heal/correct itself, unless the damage is extensive and we continue doing mistakes for years.


Severe illnesses are largely a result of our complete ignorance at the physical level (diet, poisoning, lifestyle) as well as at the mental level such as bad mental hygiene and lack of discipline, and wrong understanding of the purpose of life.


Pain and suffering are just signals to our conscious mind telling us that we have to CHANGE our ways. When we do, in the right direction, we “miraculously” recover. When we follow the flock, and resist Nature, we suffer. This is the law of Nature.


The mind-body system has almost unlimited self repair capabilities, but most of people deny themselves any access to them.

The biggest mistake you can make is to ACCEPT someone’s “advice” that your condition is incurable. If you accept such an advice, your fear effectively SABOTAGES the self-healing process, which is under complete control of your consciousness on all levels, including the subconscious functioning of your body and mind. Fear blocks any logic, dramatically reducing your own self healing ability and of course the ability to give a direction to your life.


There is NOTHING in the Universe to be afraid of, except our own ignorance and its consequences. Unfortunately most people doubt everyone and everything, except their own ignorance.


The idea of “incurable” conditions comes simply from limited understanding of the healing processes and/or arrogant attitude of people who claim to be  “authorities” but have never seen a true recovery.


Note, that people (and industries) who give “health advice” usually benefit from the fact that we are sick, and if we were healthy they would go BROKE.


When you get sick, remember that there must have been something either within your mind-body system, your finer vehicles, or your most obvious physical enermy; the emotional vehicle).


Is there something you want to change in your life?


Physical (& Etheric): like chronic pain/illness, lowered immune system (this reflects energy inbalance, lack of discipline, poor eating habits)

Emotional & Mental: like depression, anxiety (this reflects disatisfaction or perceived fear for example with type of job/income, the immediate environment such as colleagues at work who may seem to be a threat, employer etc, unfulfilling partnership e.g. lack of common goal in a relationship, perceived fear of the future in the relationship and many more.
Spiritual: lack of long terme objectives and a final goal, not reaching your potential, not satisfied with your level of service to yourself and to others in the society.
Have you been working for years and feel frustrated with the slow pace or incompleteness of change either physical or spiritual?

Guided Self Healing is a unique integration of psychotherapies, energy healing and spirituality, which together works deeply and efficiently to help you:


Types of Self-Healing examples

  1. Meditation is a technique that when used it can strengthen your intuitive principal making your higher mind/ creative mind stronger thus ability to create your own environments.
  2. Visualization is the process of utilizing either Protective energy, which is achieved through blue light, or healing energy, achieved through green light.
  3. EFT or in full Emotional Freedom Technique is done through balancing your emotional and mental energy
  4. Crystal healing, which uses various crystals is achieved through the use of stones that best fit your circumstances and use it for chakra balancing and healing, once you have used it several times, it takes your aura and it can work wonders in self-healing.
  5. Chakra balancing, can be through various healing techniques and the use of crystals and meditation.