What is Enlightenment?

The three fundamental questions asked by most human being are:-

  • Why am I here?
  • What will happen when I die?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of my life?

The simple answer to these questions is the realization of the ultimate truth-the cause of creation

Before we go any further, it must be clearly understood that the cause of creation cannot be comprehended in any way other than by itself.  In other words, the ultimate cause of creation cannot be known or understood by the mind, because the ultimate truth is infinite, absolute, undivided and a total unity.  Since the mind itself does not know of its own origin, and cannot know it, therefore, can only understand limits, it can only work with beginnings and endings.

The ultimate truth is Absolute, has no beginnings and endings, hence it cannot be, and is not an experience. An experience requires duality whereas the ultimate truth is a unity. It is very crucial to try and grasp these statements because the purpose of our life is only complete when we attain to this ultimate realization.  The concept put forward concerning the ultimate truth by religions, is not only confusing but also intimidating and judgmental. It is absolute nonsense. Teaching that the ultimate state choose people, talks to people, or gives instructions to people, is quiet simply rubbish-it is not true. All these concepts are merely the projection of the mind and have nothing to do with the truth at all. They are simply egotistic and are concerned with self-preservation, equality of the ego.

The ultimate truth is absolute, it has no self-preservation in it, since it has no edges or surfaces, it can neither be challenged by any form, nor attacked by anything, therefore, does not need defending. At the time when someone attains Enlightenment, the first realization is that the ultimate truth is absolute love.

At Enlightenment, one realizes that the ultimate truth is not trapped in creation, is ever free and detached from all activity, and cannot be comprehended by the mind. The individual having completed his/her journey now have the following awareness:-

  • They have never been born;
  • They have never died;
  • They have always been, and they always will be.
  • There is no beginning to them,
  • There is no end to them,
  • The self that they had previous to Enlightenment was only an illusion.
  • They realize that there is no such thing as reincarnation.
  • That sex gender is completely irrelevant-men and women are capable of Enlightenment.
  • That the mind intrinsically unconscious,
  • That only the ultimate truth is real because it has no cause other than itself,
  • That it is self-created, it has always been and always been and always will be.

The ultimate purpose of all human existence is to have this realization in one lifetime.  All this is only possible through the grace of a Perfect Master. A True Spiritual Path concerns itself with the revelation of the actual light of truth.  I have to emphasize the fact that this is not imagined light, philosophical light or a light of knowledge, but is a transcendental revelation allowing access to higher levels of consciousness.  It is important to understand this point because religions do not reveal this light.  In my conversations with people I have been told this light was only available thousands of years ago.  I must say that it is absolute nonsense.  It is available today through the Grace of the Enlightened Master.

Most importantly it is to be understood that it is not possible to attain Enlightenment after we are dead.  Enlightenment means the complete transcendence of all levels of consciousness from the physical to the purely spiritual at the highest level. We must therefore be alive to have a vision of all creation at once.  We cannot die unenlightened and continue to Enlightenment. We must attain Enlightenment while we are alive.


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