True knowledge is not the gathering of information, it is the removal of ignorance.


Man is ignorant of the true reason for his life, his death, and the after-life period. “Is there more”, he asks, “or is death the end?”


It is hard to find the answers to these and other philosophical questions. People rely on belief and learning from books, on religions and scriptures, and on philosophers for the answers they seek. They choose a system that suits them best – the one that gives them the answers they find most acceptable.


It is possible, however, to answer these and many other questions about the true nature of man and the universe. This is possible through direct and personal knowledge of the cause behind the universe: the true reality of existence.


Knowledge of that cause, that reality, answers all these questions simultaneously. The cause of creation, of questions about the creation, and of the questioner himself – is the same. That cause is a Boundless Unity, a Divine Energy. It is formless in nature, but from it, the formed, or created world, derives its existence.


Man lives in ignorance of the cause of creation, and yet in his true nature he is that cause. He does not know his infinite nature, and so his understanding is limited to the finite world of creation, to Karma, and to continuous rebirth.


To have personal knowledge of the Infinite Unity is to be completely free from any limits: there can be no limits in infinity. One recognises oneself to be the same as the cause behind all of creation.


This Infinite Cause is the hidden nature of God. It is the ONE reality of existence. The Divine nature of God and the true nature of man are inseparable. Man in his true nature is a Divine Being.


To know this for oneself is called God Realisation, or Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the goal and purpose of all human life. Each person must realise this Ultimate Truth for themselves.



We introduce concept of Spirituality not as a new phenomenon, rather, Spirituality as is truly known, it has been practiced for a long time in the past by ancient seekers of truth about human existence and the true purpose of life. Spirituality in its true sense is not religion, mysticism, séances and medium-ship, peculiarities of dress, a mental activity, an isolationist attitude or lifestyle, laziness, nor an escape from life. Spirituality is and has always been the direct revelation and sure knowledge of the soul, the innermost and Divine Self within man. Such revelation is super conscious and transcends the limits of the known universe. It has nothing to do with faith, hope, aspiration or dogma. It demonstrates to people how to completely go beyond limits as taught by religion. Religions teach people to accept limits but through an Enlightened Teacher it shows how to be and hence beyond the limits.

Spirituality is concerned with opening the door between the finite and infinite state of awareness. Essentially spirituality poses challenge to all doctrines and dogmas; it is a revolutionary way of life that requires self-responsibility. It is the most humanitarian endeavor and, a deep care of humanity is vital to its pursuit. It also calls for intelligence, not bookish repetition of facts and theories, but a mental willingness to review and investigate the prejudices, preconceptions, biases and ideas imparted to us by the society. The seeker needs perseverance, self-responsibility, love, and intelligence – in demonstration not simply aspiration.

The goal of teaching the Spiritual knowledge to humanity is aimed at removal of fear and ignorance about the Truth; revealing what lies behind the phenomenon of birth and death. The essence of this sure knowledge of the soul is based on the fact that creation that we perceive using our five senses lacks permanence in its existence as it is based on false premises and therefore subjected to change as part of laws of nature with the passage of time. Spirituality is about undergoing a process of taping wisdom that dwells from within the innermost part of man. To be wise we need to be common not rare.

For spirituality to be practiced lively and attained its perfection, favorable environment is to be in place in a given lifetime. It requires existence of a Living Teacher/Master who has perfected the art of giving perfection to persons who truly needs to receive it. This art involves revelation and later exploration of the inner divine state of being in the form of Light and Sound. Ultimately the seeker is to come to the realization of state of Unity where everything merges into nothingness. The Living Teacher Himself must have attained this state of awareness before he can reveals it to others. This state as it is been witnessed by individuals who have attained it is beyond the instruments of modern science and the limited understanding of psychology. In some old scriptures this state of consciousness that is beyond limits of time and space is termed as Enlightenment. Therefore, this introduction discusses nature of spirituality in the interest of those wanting truth.

In this lifetime The Path Society guides you to discover this inner knowledge of the Soul under supervision of a Living Perfect Master. Individuals from different walks of life regardless of age, gender or race, are encouraged to test the validity of what has been described in this page for their own good. In actual sense to say, a person who decides to pursue this endeavor will have nothing to lose rather gaining free knowledge that is worth seeking.

So, all are encouraged to explore and discover what is in there to enjoy blissful experience that associates with practice of pursuing the true spiritual Path.

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