The spiritual journey

The essence

For some of us it begins with questions that really require answers and our current limits of knowledge cannot provide answers. So we begin seeking for further explanation to these questions. For others, we just know that this is a sure way of life and we find ourselves in environment that makes it possible for us to pursue a spiritual journey.

A spiritual journey like any other journey has a beginning and an end. So what is a spiritual journey? This is an  deeper inner searching of a seeker as he tries to explain who he is, why he is here on earth and where will he go thereafter; how life and  the universe relate to him. This is a deeper searching beyond the mind as the mind only stores limited information of the experiences one has gone through since he took the body.

In order to go through a path that someone is blind to, one will therefore require a guide, someone who has already walked the Path that one is aspiring to. This guide is more informed and experienced about this Path and hence best suited to lead a seeker towards the end. That is where the concept of the Perfect Living Spiritual Master comes in. The Perfect Master introduces the seeker to his path through initiation into divine light and sound. Thereafter he guides the seeker as he walks the inner journey through meditation towards it very end where all his questions about himself and about life will be answered.

The relevance

We have received a lot of information about our existence, where we come from and where we will go there after. We have been told about the purpose of life and we have been made to believe that what we have heard is the truth. Which is okay, unless one seeks to go beyond faith and come to know with own authority answers to such questions. Unless one needs deep understanding to such questions and to come up with proof that is beyond believing.

A teacher once told me why keep believing what others tell you about the taste of a mango while the mango is at your reach. You could have a piece and have your own testimony of its taste.

The urgency

In order to go through a spiritual journey that will lead you to realize answers to questions about life one needs to have a healthy and sound physical body, mind and emotions. In pages that follow we will introduce you to the concept of physical body, mind and emotions. This time that you are alive is the only time that you can pursue your spiritual journey and complete it. No one knows for certain what is left for one’s existence on the physical plane, the Earth.

That is just one side of the coin, for a journey to be relative easy and for the seeker to be able to complete this journey, there needs to be a guide, the living perfect spiritual master. In this current time in history of the world, there is a living perfect spiritual master in blood and flesh who promises to take you through your spiritual journey to completion where by you will realize your who you are and in essence your true nature and its relationship to all that is.

Therefore this is the only time when you are alive in the physical plane, Earth and there is a living Master that you can at least experiment on your optimism or skepticism rather and come up with your own discovery on the authenticity of this information that is at your disposal. A more informed argument is better than one that lacks research!


The living perfect spiritual Master

As conceptualized above, for a spiritual journey to be complete, one requires a guide. In the spiritual journey with the guidance of the Path Society one requires a living perfect spiritual Master. Keep reading more in this website about the living perfect spiritual Master.

How to begin the journey

In the old age, seekers left their families, their possessions and their homes and took on long journeys to search for a teacher. Some went as far as where civilization had not reached to the centers of Himalaya Mountains in order to achieve the concentration needed for spiritual meditation. In this era readily available information and high speed lifestyle, the spiritual journey has evolved to adapt the lifestyle. One only needs to have the understanding of the essence, the relevance and the urgency needed to begin own journey. With such understanding backed up by strong intent, a way will arise! Just as how you found your way in the high trafficked worldwide web to our page.

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